Celebrating 125 Years

Student Organizations

Secular Legal Society

The Secular Legal Society aims to establish a supportive social network for the secular student community at CWRU Law. We seek to enrich the law school community by sponsoring educational events, inviting engaging speakers, and fostering constructive student dialogue on the important issues of our time. Our organization raises public awareness about the misconceptions, stereotyping, and discrimination of nonbelievers; while at the same time promoting tolerance and understanding of different viewpoints. The Secular Legal Society advocates church state separation as a means to promote religious freedom for all.


President: April Gregory (amg184@case.edu)
Vice President: James McEwan (jsm134@case.edu)
Treasurer: Andrea Latessa (ajl123@case.edu)
Secretary: Kate Mozynski (kam196@case.edu)
Activities Coordinator: Karen Greene (klg59@case.edu)

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