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The average monthly rent for an apartment in Cleveland is significantly less than the cost of an apartment in other major cities; this makes the real cost of attending our school lower than many comparable schools.

Cleveland Chicago D.C. N.Y.C.
$775 $1,281 $2,080 $2,711

Neighborhoods Near the Law School

Pictured here, within a five-minute walk from the law school are the 200 modern Uptown apartments.
Little Italy
Little Italy is one of Cleveland’s most enduring neighborhood enclaves, located just a fifteen-minute walk from the law school. It is known for its great restaurants and bakeries, and affordable apartment and housing options. The Little Italy RTA can take you downtown or to the airport without transfer. Little Italy apartments are individually listed.
Cleveland Heights: Coventry and Cedar-Fairmount
Many of our students live in the neighborhoods of Coventry, North Coventry, and Cedar-Fairmount in the City of Cleveland Heights. These areas have grocery stores, restaurants, pubs, and are just a 15 to 25-minute walk to the law school.
Shaker Square
Historic Shaker Square is a collection of apartments, restaurants, shops, a grocery store and a theater. Located just a ten-minute drive from the law school, this is another area popular for our student’s housing. There is a city bus that runs from Shaker Square to University Circle. The RTA Rapid Transit Blue Line and Green Line run between Shaker Square and downtown.
Cleveland's RTA
Cleveland’s public transportation system is known as the RTA. The system combines bus routes and rapid transit lines. The RTA at Little Italy is a direct 30-minute train ride to downtown and a 45-minute ride to the airport. In addition, the RTA Healthline connects the University with Downtown using double busses that automatically trigger lights, making it the quickest way to get from University Circle to PlayHouse Square, East Fourth Street, and Public Square.

How To Get Information About Available Housing

May through June is a good time to start looking for housing for occupancy in August. The annual Entering Student Day in June (for admitted applicants) provides a good opportunity for entering students to get to know other incoming 1Ls who may also be looking for a roommate and to take a look at the notices posted on the bulletin boards around the law school by people looking for someone to share an apartment or house. Also, the University's most recent Off-Campus Housing List is available at this program.

The University's Off-Campus Housing Office provides students with information about rental housing. In addition to online links and resources, the office also provides valuable tips and information about where to find rental units close to the university.

Roommate Referral Service
The law school’s new interactive on-line roommate search service allows students to create a custom profile which enables them to conduct real-time searches for roommates based on different compatibility factors. Admitted students looking for a roommate can use this free service by visiting the ‘Admitted students’ page.

The Option of Being a Resident Advisor

Residence Hall
Some upper level law students choose to live and work as residence hall mentors or coordinators. The University has some beautiful residence halls within a short walk from the law school, including one that surrounds the football field. For more information about this option go to the Graduate Positions page of the Housing and Residence Life website.
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