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"Back to School" and Don't Forget To Vaccinate!

"Back to School" season means families are shopping and preparing themselves and their children to return to classrooms across the country.  It is also the time of year for health checkups and preventative vaccines. Locally, nationally and, internationally the importance of vaccines in supporting healthy childhood is a fundamental element of safeguarding children from mostly uncomfortable but, potentially serious, ailments.
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Graduation is right around the corner and that means summer. And while Olaf is thinking of "bees and dandelions," I am thinking of tomatoes.    
  • 6 May 2019
  • Author: Lisa Peters
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  • 6 May 2019
  • Author: Andy Dorchak
  • Number of views: 276
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  • 30 April 2019
  • Author: Judith Kaul
  • Number of views: 303
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  • 29 April 2019
  • Author: Andy Dorchak
  • Number of views: 315
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A discussion why we need strong passwords, the consequences if one is hacked, and how to prevent being hacked.    
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