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New Databases & e-Book Updates You Should Know

Judith Kaul  /  Monday, October 23, 2017  /  Categories: Just in Case, ebooks, New Tools and Databases  /  Rate this article:
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New Developments in Law Library Research Databases and e-Books:

WK Study Aids Access for Android Devices has been Fixed.  Here are the instructions for Android Devices:
The Fix was pushed to the Google Play Store.  Here it is:

Uninstall and then download the app again to get the latest version (v 5.5.5). Once that’s done, here are the steps for downloading a book to Android: 

Download the iPublishCentral Reader app from the Google Play Store.  

In your mobile browser, go to http://ebooks.aspenlaw.com/ and login.

Navigate to the book that you want to download and tap Download.

An executable file will download. Tap it, and the book will open in the Reader.

Users should let librarians know if there are any problems or questions that WK needs to hear about.  WK thanks you for your patience as they worked on this.

When Preemption Checking Matters: Law School's CILP and SmartCILP Subscriptions

Current Index to Legal Periodicals
is a product of the University of Washington's Marion Gould Gallagher Law Library. Published weekly, it provides images of the Table-of-Contents pages of the latest 600 titles of law reviews received in that library's collection.  It also classifies each article by its relevant subject headings from CILPs 100 subject headings.  The advantage of this service is that it can make this content available to legal scholars and faculty, and law students writing papers or for law reviews or journals quicker than the commercial indexing services can provide more in-depth indexing, like Index to Legal Periodicals and Books (ILP) or Legal Resource (LRI) Index .   This permits scholars and student authors to conduct more up-to-date preemption checks on their article, note, and paper topics. Because we subscribe to CILP via HeinOnline, our law school members are able to sign up for SmartCILP, an email service that can cover all or be restricted to particular subject headings.  

CILP via  HeinOnline to send you weekly updates.

To Create a SmartCILP User Profile:  Go to the SmartCILP Profile web page.  Enter your User Information.  For affiliation, enter Case Western Reserve Law Library. You may find the Authorization Code on the Law Library's area on the School of Law Intranet.  After entering the authorization code, select the topic headings, subject headings, and journal titles of interest to complete your user profile.

Comparing Utility for Preemption Checking:

CILP and SmartCILP tend to be more up to date than ILP, LRI, but how is  it compared to Google Scholar?  Just comparing a couple of articles from the most recent email issue of SmartCILP I received in email dated  10/201/2017:  It is not quicker than Google Scholar if you know the title you are seeking, but if you are using commons search terms for the subjects, these citations are less likely to show up on the first screen of Google Scholar results. My test articles were: 

     Rep. Marcia Fudge, Reinvesting in Public Education, a Cornerstone for America's Success  54 HARV. J. ON LEGIS. 399 (2017) and 
     Ryan H. Gilinson, Note. Clicks and Tricks: How Computer Hackers Avoid 10b-5 Liability,  82 BROOK. L. REV. 1339 (2017)

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