Celebrating 125 Years

Abstract Submission

Event Date: Thursday, June 7 - Saturday, June 9, 2018

We welcome your proposals for the conference program. You may submit a panel proposal or an individual presentation proposal through the online form below. Please submit only one proposal. In order to accommodate as many presenters as possible, we must limit presentations to one per person, whether it be on a panel or an individual paper.

Select "Panel Proposal" if you would like to propose an entire concurrent session at the conference. If you propose a panel, please indicate below who the other presenters will be and plan to moderate the session. Select "Presentation Proposal" if you would like to propose presenting on a specific topic or paper as part of a concurrent session.

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: deadline is January 19, 2018
All Abstracts must be have been submitted by Friday January 19, 2018. We are no longer taking submissions.
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