Law of Patents

Chapter 4. Novelty and Priority

  1. Novelty
    1. Novelty’s Doctrinal Framework
      Atlas Powder Company v. IRECO Incorporated
      view pdfClay Patent No. 4,111,727
      view pdfClay Reissue Patent No. Re. 33,788
    2. “Known or Used” Under § 102(a)
      Gayler v. Wilder
      view pdfFitzgerald Patent No. 3,117
      Rosaire v. Baroid Sales Division
      view pdfHorvitz and Rosaire Patent No. 2,324,085
      view pdfHorvitz and Rosaire Patent No. 2,192,525
    3. Comparative Perspective: Defining Prior Art and Geographical Limitations
    4. Novelty-Defeating Patent Disclosures Under § 102(e)
      Alexander Milburn Co. v. Davis-Bournoville Co.
    5. Novelty-Defeating Inventive Activity Under § 102(g)(2)
      Thomson v. Quixote Corp.
      view pdfThomson Patent No. 4,961,183
      view pdfThomson Patent No. 5,175,725
      view pdfThomson Patent No. 4,868,808
      view pdfThomson Patent No. 5,182,743
    6. Foreign-Based Activity as Prior Art Under §§ 102(e) and (g)
      In re Hilmer (Hilmer I)
      In re Hilmer (Hilmer II)
  2. Printed Publication
    In re Klopfenstein
  3. Priority
    1. Proving Date of Invention
      Mahurkar v. C.R. Bard, Inc.
      view pdfMahurkar Patent No. 4,808,155
    2. Abandonment and Diligence
      Griffith v. Kanamaru
      Fujikawa v. Wattanasin
    3. Policy Perspective: First-to-Invent v. First-to-File
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