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Our intellectual property program is unlike any other. Our students represent real entrepreneurs in their quest to launch new businesses and products and study the latest trends in the growing intellectual property legal field.

An interdisciplinary graduate-level certificate program at Case Western Reserve University

About Fusion

Graduate student teams from multiple disciplines – law, business and science – work together to advance invention.

Launched in 2009 and funded by an Interdisciplinary Alliance Investment Grant (IAIG) from the Provost, Fusion works across multiple schools and departments at Case Western Reserve University to create a robust teaching environment for students. Fusion's curriculum is an integrated platform that puts interdisciplinary students on level footing relative to others’ respective expertise and training, providing key competitive skills that will allow them to work productively in the field of technology development and commercialization.

The past decade has seen a strong shift in federal funding agendas from basic to “impact defined” research (e.g., the CTSA and PFI programs), and the terms “innovation” and “entrepreneurship” and “intellectual property” are now prominently conveyed on every business and economic publication, including marketing materials for research universities, in the country.

Our tailored, multi-disciplinary certificate program for professional degree students leverages CWRU's national leadership in this emerging and highly-competitive field. While concepts that include “technology transfer,” “commercialization” and “technology entrepreneurship” pervade the evolving lexicon related to moving technology to market, scholarship and professional skills development in this field remain fragmented and relatively thin.

Fusion's classroom curriculum and contextual agenda are focused on the process of translating complex technology to real-world business opportunities. Our goal is to help students understand and utilize the fundamentals of law, science and management in the understanding and cultivation of scientific discoveries that can lead to industry opportunities.

Fusion Coursework:

Six courses comprise a curriculum that reflects the following key themes:
  • Interdisciplinary teams of students work together on complex scientific, legal, and industry challenges.
  • Students are exposed to the technical substance of opportunity assessment and innovation, with immediate exposure to national leaders in the field of design, entrepreneurship and venture finance.
  • Students learn to apply models for valuing, managing and commercializing technology that impart intellectual property fundamentals and both, legal and business perspectives.


Ted Theofrastous
Co-founding Faculty, Managing Director - Fusion Program
Manging Attorney – IP Venture Clinic
Case Western Reserve University School of Law
11075 East Boulevard Cleveland, OH 44106
216.368.4849 (office)
216.368.2086 (fax)
Email - tct@case.edu
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