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Our international law program makes global experiences possible for every student. Our students work on real international law issues for real clients, ranging from assisting asylum seekers to suppressing global corruption, from combatting maritime piracy to prosecuting war crimes.
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Scharf casts piracy into light with new book, media Q&A

Nov 23, 2014
Despite popular belief, piracy remains a serious international threat, and Interim Dean Michael P. Scharf’s research is bringing the issue to new light with his 17th book, Prosecuting Maritime Piracy (with M. Newton and M. Sterio). He also recently participated in an article with the International Justice Tribune

How likely is an appeal in Chevron case?

Mar 5, 2014
Cassandra Burke Robertson was quoted in a March 5, 2014 Bloomberg article, “Chevron Wins Ruling Ecuador Judgment Was Devil’s Deal.” Robertson discussed the difficulties of an appeal in the multibillion-dollar pollution lawsuit involving Chevron Corp.

Middle class shopping online for legal help

Mar 1, 2014
Cassandra Burke Robertson’s work on transnational legal practice was featured in a front page article in The Economic Times, “Middle Class Americans Reach Out to Lawyers in India via Internet for Legal Aid” in October 2013.

Students win National Writing Competition

Feb 13, 2014
A group of students in Professor Cassandra Robertson’s PR course (Amanda Soraiz, Guangdong Cheng, Xiang Liu, Yihong Zhang, Yuqing Zhao, Kun Chang) recently won a national writing competition with their comparison of the legal ethics rules in China and the US. Their work will be featured on the Legal Ethics Forum.

Noted War Crimes Prosecutor appointed Director of War Crimes Office

Feb 10, 2014
Professor Jim Johnson, former Chief of Prosecutions of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, has been appointed Director of our Henry T. King War Crimes Research Office. With the exception of some “restricted” memos, the more than 325 research memoranda that the office has prepared for the several international criminal tribunals are available here.
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