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Seselj’s release must be viewed in the context of his trial, Scharf says

Wednesday, December 3, 2014  /  Rate this article:
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In a Q&A article with the International Justice Tribune, Interim Dean and Frederick K. Cox International Law Center Director Michael Scharf discusses the recent decision of the former Yugoslavia’s International Criminal Tribunal to release Serbian politician Vojislav Seselj.

“The decision to release Vojislav Seselj has to be viewed in the context of the tribunal’s struggle to maintain control of Seselj’s trial,” Scharf said. “Seselj invoked the right to represent himself at trial and then – through disruptive outbursts, the use of profane language in court filings and the publication of defamatory books about the prosecutors and judges – sought to provoke the judges into responses that would look unfair.”

The full Q&A may be viewed in the Dec. 3, 2014 issue.

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