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Frederick K. Cox International Law Center

Our international law program makes global experiences possible for every student. Our students work on real international law issues for real clients, ranging from assisting asylum seekers to suppressing global corruption, from combatting maritime piracy to prosecuting war crimes.

What is the Distinction Between "Joint Criminal Enterprise" As Defined by the ICTY and Conspiracy in Common Law Jurisdictions? 2003
A Comparison Between the ICTR and the ICC on the Rights of Victims Who Testify 2003
A Comparative Study on Sexual Violence Trials in the ICTY and the ICTR Comparing Six Particular Issues 2003
The Legal Status, Under International Humanitarian Law, of Captured Mercenaries in Internal Conflicts 2003
Procedural Rules Relating to the Admissability of Evidence of a Consistent Pattern of Conduct in Criminal Trials 2003
Alibi Defense: Notice Requirements and Remedies for Failure 2002
Can an Omission Fulfill the Actus Reus Requirement for Complicity in Genocide, and to What Degree Does Article 6(3) of the ICTR Statute Impute Criminal Liability for the Crime to a Superior Officer? 2002
Is There a Role for "Fair Trial Observers" in International Criminal Law Trials? 2003
Gross Negligence and Recklessness as Sufficient Mens Rea for a Crime Against Humanity Assuming the Accused Has Knowledge of the Chapeau Elements 2003
Comparative Study of Alternative Punishments to the Death Penalty 2003
Head of State Doctrine and International Law Violations 2003
The Jurisdiction for the Special Court in Sierra Leone 2003
The Obligations of a Third Party Soveriegn to Extradite an Indictee to the Special Court for Sierra Leone and How a Political Asylum Agreement Affects Those Obligations 2003
A Comparative Study of Exclusion of Evidence on the Grounds of the Means by Which it was Obtained 2003
Command Responsibility for Failure to Punish War Crimes Committed Under a Predecessor Commander 2003
Reasoned Judgments Requirement in International Criminal Law 2003
Does Conviction for Murder as a Crime Against Humanity Require Proof of Premeditation? What of the Differing Terms Used in the English and French Versions of Article 3(A) of the ICTR Statute and Article 5(A) of the ICTY Statute? 2003
Trial of "The Butare Four" in Belgium 2003
A Comparative Analysis of the Mens Rea Requirement for Complicity as Applied in the International Tribunals and the Common-Law Jurisdictions of the United States, England & Australia 2003
Responsibility of Military Commanders to Protect Civilians from Attacks by Other Civilians and the State Within Commander's Area of Control 2003
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