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Transcript of Anfal Trial Judges 1/29/08 Presentation at Case Western Reserve Now Available on Grotian Moment

On June 24, 2007, the Iraqi High Tribunal handed down its decision in the Anfal Campaign trial, convicting “Chemical Ali” (Ali Hassan al-Majid) and five other high ranking military leaders of the former Iraqi Regime of international crimes related to their roles in a 1980s crackdown against...
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Grotian Moment Update

As the Iraqi High Tribunal trials proceed, this website will continue to post breaking news and expert commentary. We have plans to expand the Grotian Moment Blog to cover the proceedings of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia when the Cambodia Tribunal's Rules are promulgated,...
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Ten Lessons from the Saddam Trial

Ten Lessons from the Saddam Trial Generated from the October 7, 2006 Cleveland Experts Meeting Chaired by Michael Scharf Co-Rapporteurs: Gregory McNeal, Christopher Rassi, and Brianne Draffin Introduction It is often said that just as courts try cases, so too do cases try courts. ...
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