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Name: A Cybrary of the Holocaust,
Description: The goal of this website is to educate people about the subject of the Holocaust and especially to provide resources to teachers and students. The website has lots of information about the Holocaust, including art exhibits, photographs, testimony in audio, video and essay formats, educational resources, lists detailing documentary books and films, a discussion board, survivor and children of survivors information, and historical background information.
Name: A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
Description: Produced by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida, A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust provides an overview of the people and events of the Holocaust through photographs, documents, art, music, movies, maps and literature and includes over a thousand resources for teachers and students. Available on the site are a timeline, lists of descriptions of people including survivors, victims, rescuers, and perpetrators, lesson plans and activities.
Name: Aish HaTorah Holocaust Studies Page
Description: Aish HaTorah is a non-profit, apolitical, international network of Jewish educational centers, providing opportunities for Jews of all backgrounds to learn about their heritage. The Holocaust Studies portion of the Aish HaTorah website gives an overall history of the events of the Holocaust. An overview has links to essays and videos describing events beginning at the close of World War I, leading up to the rise of Nazism, through the events directly leading to the Holocaust, events occurring during the Holocaust such as deportations to concentration camps, followed by the end of the war and its legacy. The Headlines section has actual newspaper headlines ranging from 1918-1945, laid out as a timeline. The Issues section covers subjects such as the world's reaction during and after the Holocaust, as well as the trials of Nazi War Criminals. The People section has testimony from survivors, rescuers and other witnesses. This is pretty much like an encyclopedia of Holocaust events- very user friendly and good basic background information for beginning research about this subject. There are also sections where one can learn about specific issues and people. Other resources are available via links.
Name: Anne Frank Center USA
Description: This is the website of the Anne Frank Center USA. is the official website of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam but it is unfortunately available only in Dutch. There are links to the New York based American site,, and the London based British site, The Anne Frank Center USA is a not-for-profit organization that promotes the universal message of tolerance by developing and disseminating a variety of educational programs, including exhibitions, workshops, and special events. Based on the power of Anne Frank's diary, which she wrote before and while in hiding from the Nazis during the Holocaust, the Anne Frank Center USA aims to inspire the next generation to build a world based on compassion, mutual respect, and social justice. Anne has become a symbol of the millions who perished in the Holocaust, as she was killed at the age of 15 in the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp. The website includes a bookstore, information about Anne and her family including a timeline, diary excerpts and a scrapbook, as well as other resources for students and teachers. The London site is very similar, just more British oriented in the events listed.
Name: Emory University's Fred R. Crawford Witness to the Holocaust Project
Description: The purpose of the Witness to the Holocaust Project is to trace the influence of the Holocaust by studying it through the eyes and lives of people who through their various functions (military personnel, relief workers, etc.) were involved in the liberation process or who were subsequent witnesses to the Nazi labor and death camps. The collection includes audio and video recordings of oral histories with liberators, survivors and others; transcriptions of oral history interviews; photographs, slides and films donated by liberators; Project publications; and television programs produced by the Project. Through the link to the SAGE digital archive you can read the actual testimonies of each witness as well as view photographs. Listed are other resources that they have collected which are available to the public upon request.
Name: Emory University, Holocaust Denial on Trial
Description: This website is a project of Emory University's Witness to the Holocaust Project and the Institute for Jewish Studies. It focuses on the trial of David Irving, a holocaust denier who sued American professor Deborah Lipstadt and her British publisher, Penguin Books, for libel in London in 2000 after she described him in her book as holocaust denier. Available are the transcripts, news articles, background information and details of the trial.
Name: Facing History and Ourselves
Description: Facing History and Ourselves is an organization that focuses on educational outreach to examine anti-Semitism, racism and prejudice, including extensive study of such historical tragedies as the Holocaust. Online resources include an online library, access to their lending library, and teaching tools such as study guides. By searching the keyword "holocaust" on the site, over 100 resources are found. There is also a section of the teaching tools area with online modules including one devoted to the Weimar Republic, the German government in place just before the Nazis came to power.
Name: Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies
Description: Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies houses a collection of over 4,200 videotaped interviews with witnesses and survivors of the Holocaust, and is part of the Manuscripts and Archives, at Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University. The Archive has worked to record, collect, and preserve Holocaust witness testimonies, and to make its collection available to researchers, educators, and the general public. The testimonies comprise over 10,000 recorded hours of videotape which can be accessed at the library or via loan for schools and community groups. The catalog to the archive is accessible online as are descriptions of various projects that the archive is involved in. There are also excerpts from video testimonials available online.
Name: Holocaust Survivors
Description: The purpose of The Holocaust Survivors website is to present the history of the Holocaust with a human face. Included on the site are survivors' written and oral accounts and photographs as well as a historical introduction to the subject of the Holocaust. Also on the site is a photo gallery, an audio gallery, an encyclopedia of terms, essays, a bibliography, links to other relevant websites, and a discussion board.
Name: Holocaust Memorial Center
Description: This site is the official website of the Holocaust Memorial Center, a museum dedicated to the remembrance of the Holocaust. The site includes historical information, including a timeline, oral testimonies, exhibits from the museum, an archival library, information about visiting the museum, and links to other relevant information. Most notable is the interactive portion called the Lifechance Exhibit, which can be found in the exhibits section. To illustrate the progressively hopeless condition of the Jews from 1933 to 1945 participants are asked to make a series of decisions which lead to their fate had they made those choices while living in Nazi-occupied Europe.
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