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Web Links for Principle of Proportionality

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Name: ElectronicIraq.Net
Description: Can Iraqi TV be attacked if it is used to create propaganda? Discussion over this and other debatable targets in the war on Iraq.
Name: The Biological Basis of Law
Description: Proportionality and War, by Hugh Gibbons. Cites particular scenarios, such as when a hospital can become an object of direct warfare.
Name: Converge - New Zealand's online community network
Description: Why a War Against Iraq Would Be Illegal Under International Law, 10 Sept 2002. Limits on Coalition powers to engage in a war in Iraq due to the principle of proportionality and other international legal guidelines.
Name: Crimes of War - Principle of Proportionality
Description: Horst Fischer describes the principle of proportionality; Crimes of War is a very useful site in general for the student of war crimes.
Name: Embassy of India
Description: The principle of proportionality is described in context of the Declaration on Friendly Relations and the Shimla agreement.
Name: European Journal of International Law
Description: Review: Jamie Oraa, "Human Rights in State of Emergency in International Law"
Name: Foreign Policy Association
Description: "In the Name of International Law" by Dr. Peter Baofu. The principles of necessity and proportionality are discussed in the light of current developments in Iraq and other places of US foreign interest.
Name: Global Policy.Org
Description: Bombing Dual-use Targets, Sean Gonsalves, Cape Cod Times. How military law and military commanders seek to implement the principle of proportionality.
Name: Human Rights Internet
Description: Russian Federation - Commission on Human Rights - Chechnya. Human rights and international law is examined in Chechnya.
Name: International Humanitarian Law - An Overview
Description: Michael J. Waibel sets up the basic formulation of International Humanitarian Law and describes the principle of proportionality within this context
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