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Web Links for Iraq (Application of IHL to)

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Name: AlertNet: Briefing on Humanitarian Principles in the Conflict in Iraq
Description: AlertNet tracks humanitarian crisises throughout the world. A page on Iraq provides links to news and reports regarding the current situation there. This specific brief explains humanitarian concepts and obligations of belligerents under international law.
Name: Amnesty International - Iraq
Description: This site provides a 10 Point Appeal regarding the U.S. obligations in Iraq according to international humanitarian law. There are also has links to news and reports pertaining to current events in Iraq from a human rights perspective.
Name: Amnesty International Canada - Iraq: Protect the people!
Description: This site appeals to the US and UK to live up to their obligations to the Iraqi people under international law to avoid a humanitarian crises. The site critiques what is currently going on, as well as provides links relating to these issues, including one providing an overview of the laws of war and the obligation to protect civilian lives.
Name: BU School of Law, Law Library: Research: International Hot Topic
Description: This site provides links to reports and articles pertaining to the crisis in Iraq and international law. The site links to government reports and briefs, non-government reports, and law review articles.
Name: CPJ Condemns Journalists' deaths in Iraq
Description: A letter to US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld from the Committee to Protect Journalists protesting the military strikes near known journalist positions in Iraq as violations of the Geneva Conventions. The site also links to the response letter and links to information about Iraqi and regional treatment of the press.
Name: Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
Description: This organization considers the war on Iraq as immoral and illegal. British leaders have been served with legal papers warning of possible prosecution before the International Criminal Court. Currently, the organization is gathering evidence on the illegality of the war. The site also provides links to documents and statements related to these events
Name: Center for Defense Information - Terrorism Project
Description: This article outlines some hot questions regarding Iraq and the laws of war including: urban combat, human shields, targeting decisions, dual use targets, weapon types, and collateral damage. Links to additional sources are also provided.
Name: Council on Foreign Relations: Iraq - International Law and POWs
Description: The Council on Foreign Relations "is dedicated to increasing America's understanding of the world and contributing ideas to U.S. foreign policy." The Iraq page provides questions and answers about the international humanitarian law issues of the Iraq war. Additionally, there are more general links that provide background information about Iraq and the war.
Name: Crimes of War Project: The War in Iraq
Description: This site provides a summary of international humanitarian law as it pertains to occupation. There are also has links to news briefs and articles regarding international law and current events in Iraq.
Name: Dartmouth College Library U.S. Government Documents
Description: This site provides primary sources related to the war with Iraq. There are links to news coming out of the White House, U.S. Central Command, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the State Department. There are also links to the U.N. news center and press releases from the U.S. mission to the U.N.
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