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Web Links for International vs. Internal Armed Conflict

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Name: A link from the official site for the International Criminal Court
Description: Article 8 deals with war crimes. Subsection (b) discusses international armed conflict while subsections (c)(d)(e) discuss internal armed conflict. This site lays out what qualifies as violations of international and internal armed conflict under the jurisdiction of the ICC.
Name: Can Civilians Be Held Criminally responsible for violations of International Humanitarian Law in a Non-International Conflict
Description: This is a memo written for the Office of the Prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.
Name: Conflict Archive on the Internet
Description: CAIN is a two year project based in the University of Ulster which aims to develop, using Northern Ireland as a case study, a collaborative, multi-media database of resources relevant to teaching and research in conflict studies. The server will act as a gateway to network resources on ethnic conflict on the internet.
Name: Crimes of War: Gray Areas in International Humanitarian Law
Description: Discusses how to classify an internal situation falling in the gray zone between peace and war. This article lays out the minimum requirements to qualify as internal armed conflict. It contains a discussion of internationalized internal armed conflict with references to Bosnia and Angola and a short paragraph about the Yugoslavia tribunal ruling that applied international humanitarian law to both internal and international armed conflict.
Name: Crimes of War: International vs. Internal Armed Conflict
Description: Discusses the legal consequences of characterizing a conflict as internal vs. international and the Articles of the Geneva Convention that apply. How relying on special statutes and customary international law can enable prosecution of war crimes in internal conflicts without a connection to international war.
Name: European Journal of Internal Law
Description: Use search index and type in international vs. internal armed conflict. There are 76 matches ranging from Yugoslavia and the Tadic case to Rwanda to Chechnya to the International Criminal Court.
Name: Human Rights Network International
Description: Under the section entitled Theory, go to International Humanitarian Law. The articles, instruments, and reports listed under this theory intend to resolve matters of humanitarian concern arising directly from armed conflicts, both international and internal.
Name: Human Rights Watch
Description: The subsections on Arms and on International Justice ( contain pertinent articles. You can also run the search engine for "international vs. internal armed conflict" and be linked to over a hundred articles, some state specific and some about the topic in general.
Name: Incore Internet Coutry Guides
Description: This site provides information about internet resources on conflict and ethnicity specific to particular countries and regions. It contains links to The Ethnic Conflict Research Digest which aims at the dissemination of new research in this growing academic field.
Name: International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
Description: A subsite that provides general information about the tribunal's origins, objectives, jurisdiction, and chambers. Shows how the formation of an international tribunal can be based on the international threat to peace and security posed by internal armed conflict.
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