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Frederick K. Cox International Law Center War Crimes Research Portal
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Web Links for Humanitarian Intervention

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Name: Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs
Description: Provides a forum for research and education in ethics and international policy. Explores the ethical dilemmas posed by issues such as deadly conflict, human rights violations, etc. through texts, discussions and other online materials.
Name: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Description: Organization dedicated to advancing cooperation between nations and promoting active international engagement by the United States. Website provides news, publications and other resources designed to educate and promote international policy.
Name: Carr Center for Human Rights Policy
Description: Site hosts published articles, texts, reports and case studies to aid in shaping human rights policy. The Carr Center is part of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.
Name: Center for Genocide Prevention
Description: Monitors international hot spots for indicators of genocide. Offers evidence and reports on genocide and humanitarian affairs by country.
Name: Conflict Development and Peace Network
Description: Website provides a forum for the sharing of ideas, knowledge and experience, and for the discussion of policy and practice relating to conflict, development and peace.
Name: Department for International Development
Description: The Department for International Development's overall aim is to reduce global poverty and promote sustainable development. The website offers a variety of publications on conflict prevention and country assistance programs. It also explains the Department's presence and involvement in aiding other countries.
Name: Genocide Watch
Description: Site coordinator for the International Campaign to End Genocide. Provides Genocide prevention and intervention research and reports.
Name: Global Policy Forum: Humanitarian Intervention
Description: Explores both sides of Humanitarian Intervention debate through published papers and commentary. Considers argument that international community has a responsibility to protect against "humanitarian intervention" as a vague justification for invasion and empire.
Name: Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research
Description: Provides research, documentation and analysis of national and international political conflicts. Provides a database of other online resources as well.
Name: Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity: International Conflict Research
Description: Addresses the management and resolution of conflict through research, training, evaluation and analysis. Provides an archive for insight into past conflicts.
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