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Name: Civilians in war
Description: 100 years after the Hague Peace Conference, the international peace academy analysed how Congo has collaborated with international humanitarian organizations.
Name: Country Assessment
Description: It gives a 1999 country information and policy.
Name: Death Penalty
Description: This deals with death penalty and whether their applications still not against customary international law, human rights and humanitarian law with particular reference to Congo.
Description: UN's Commissions report on international law from Congo etc.
Name: Humanitarian Cease Fires
Description: This is a UN political space that dealt with emergency and humanitarian Actions in Congo.
Name: Investigations in Eastern Congo
Description: Investigations and research in public health effects of the conflict in Congo.
Name: Landmine Monitor Report
Description: This is a group that work on landmine issues in war torn areas, they also worked in Congo and gave account of the dangers of the war on human lives.
Name: Millenium Development Goals
Description: Conference of NGOs on the application of international humanitarian law in congo, and the jurisdiction of the international court.
Name: One world News Service
Description: center did a research work on human rights abuses in Congo
Name: Orbinski
Description: In march 6 2001, there was a University of Alberta visiting lectureship in human rights by Dr. James Orbinski. It talks about the effect of war on children and women in Congo, and also about restoration of law and order, protection of the delivery of humanitarian assistance.
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