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Web Links for Chechnya (application of the IHL to)

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Name: "'Lawless' Russian actions reflect mounting frustration"
Description: This website gives an overview of recent events in Chechnya and also many links to their recent stories on the subject.
Name: BBC: "Analysis: Chechnya's endless war"
Name: BBC: "Opinion: A Chechen view of Russia's war"
Name: BBC: "Surviving the Chechen War"
Name: Chechnya Free
Description: This website keeps us up to date on events within Chechnya, from the Chechen perspective. It gives details and updated reports of news, including that related to upcoming elections and also amnesty given to various former 'militants.'
Name: Children of Chechnya Action Relief Mission
Description: This website is devoted to helping children who have been injured or left as orphans by the conflict in Chechnya.
Name: Committee on Conscience
Description: Chechnya has been placed on a watch list by the "Committee on Conscience" through the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. This site has many links to relevant stories about Chechnya and its war for independence.
Name: Conflict in Chechnya: Implications for Russian Democracy
Name: Crimes of War - Chechnya
Description: The Russian Army is alleged to have committed many atrocities, leading to the belief that the referendum conducted March 23 was in fact illegitimate. There are many stories detailing the horrible situation in Chechnya, including many references to "zatchiskis" or routine 'mop ups' by Russian soldiers among Chechen civilians.
Name: Freedom House
Description: Ratings of various countries in the world and their track record and 'ratings' with regard to human rights. Russia is assessed here, with special regard to Chechnya.
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