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Web Links for Biological Weapons

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Name: ABCNews primer on Types of Biological Weapons
Description: Full coverage information on biological weapons, with links connected to other articles on related stories.
Name: information on Biological Weapons
Description: Contains information about specific toxins, how they are contracted, and how they affect the human body.
Name: All the Current Biological Weapons News
Description: This site contains links to various news stories and biological weapons sites. It also tries to rank the stories according to relevance.
Name: All the Virology on the WWW
Description: Contains many links to different sites discussing biological warfare, including both American government and non-government sites.
Name: American Scientist Article on The Growing Threat of Biological Weapons
Description: Author Steven Block discusses what he believes is a very real threat and the fact that the threat of biological weapons will only continue to increase.
Name: Arms Control Association Biological Weapons
Description: Contains links to articles which analyze and document news on biological weapons.
Name: BASIC Biological Weapons Information
Description: BASIC tries to work with government to facilitate prevention of the use of weapons of mass destruction, to encourage the US to join negotiations on strengthening this, facilitates study groups assessing the feasibility of current control provisions, and seeks stronger rules for bio-weapons in the European Union.
Name: BBC Hot Topics - Biochemical Weapons
Description: This site contains video and animation on both chemical and biological weapons, and how the threat can be dealt with
Name: BioWeapons Prevention Project
Description: The BWPP is dedicated to activities aiming to strengthen the norm against using Biological Weapons. The organization tries to monitor government activities pertaining to use of biological weapons, reports on these activities, and networks between various global partners against the use of biological weapons.
Name: Biological Weapons Detection Focus Group
Description: The objectives of the group are "to identify national BW-related needs and requirements, to identify technologies and programs currently being developed or applied, to identify technology areas and programs that could support national BW defense related need, to identify gaps and overlaps among programs, and to provide information and recommendations to the senior decision makers."
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