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Volume 63, Issue 4
Symposium - Shale Oil and Gas State Regulatory Issues and Trends by Christopher S. Kulander
Symposium - Shale Gas and Clean Energy Policy by Joseph P. Tomain
Symposium - Recognizing the Shared Ownership of Subsurface Resource Pools by Peter M. Gerhart & Robert D. Cheren
Symposium - Introduction by Jonathan L. Entin
Symposium - Hydrofracking: State Preemption, Local Power, and Cooperative Governance by John R. Nolon & Steven E. Gavin
Symposium - Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Management in the Great Lakes by Nicholas Schroeck & Stephanie Karisny
Symposium - Frackonomics: Some Economics of Hydraulic Fracturing by Timothy Fitzgerald
Symposium - Four Questions About Fracking by Thomas W. Merrill
Symposium - Climate Change and Natural Gas Dynamic Governance by Elizabeth Burleson
Symposium - Awakening the Slumbering Giant: How Horizontal Drilling Technology Brought the Endangered Species Act to Bear on Hydraulic Fracturing by Kalyani Robbins
Symposium - Applying Some Lessons from the Gulf Oil Spill to Hydraulic Fracturing by Heidi Gorovitz Robertson
Note - Worse Than Spilled Milk: A Cry for Casualty Loss Reform in the Wake of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster by Emily Myers
Note - Re-Punishing the Innocent: False Confession as an Unjust Obstacle to Compensation for the Wrongfully Convicted by Gregory P. Scholand
Digital Edition - Volume 63, Issue 4
Comment - The LegalZoom Identity Crisis: Legal Form Provider or Lawyer in Sheep’s Clothing? by Isaac Figueras
Below the Line 63:4 - Peter Gerhart - Recognizing the Shared Ownership of Subsurface Resource Pools