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Vol. 45, Nos. 1 & 2 (2012) Presidential Powers and
War Without End? Legal Wrangling Without End
War Powers, Foreign Affairs, and the Courts: Some Institutional Considerations
Vol. 45 Nos. 1 & 2 (2012): Presidential Powers and Foreign Affairs (Entire Issue)
United States Ratification of the Law of the Sea Convention: Securing our Navigational Future While Managing China's Blue Water Ambitions
Thoughts on Medellin v. Texas
The War Powers Resolution at 40: Still an Unconstitutional, Unnecessary, and Unwise Fraud that Contributed Directly to the 9/11 Attacks
The War Powers Resolution and Public Opinion
The War Powers Resolution — A Dim and Fading Legacy
The United States' Use of Drones in the War on Terror: The (Il)legality of Targeted Killings Under International Law
The President and International Financial Regulation
The Politicization of Judgment Enforcement
Targeted Killing: When Proportionality Gets All Out of Proportion
Somebody Else's Problem: How the United States and Canada Violate International Law and Fail to Ensure the Prosecution of War Criminals
Rightly Dividing the Domestic Jihadist from the Enemy Combatant in the "War Against al-Qaeda" — Why It Matters in Rendition and Targeted Killings
Reflections from the International Criminal Court Prosecutor
Preventing Mass Atrocity Crimes: The Responsibility to Protect and the Syria Crisis
Presidential Foreign Policy: An Opportunity for International Law Education
Lending an 'Invisible Hand' to the Navy: Armed Guards as a Free Market Assistance to Defeating Piracy
Keynote Lecture: Power and Constraint: National Security Law After the 2012 Election
Inadvertent Implications of the War Powers Resolution
Foreword: Presidential Power and Foreign Affairs
Executive Power in a War Without End: Goldsmith, the Erosion of Executive Authority on Detention, and the End of the War on Terror
Cyberwar and Drones: Using New Technologies, From Espionage to Action
Comparing the Approaches of the Presidential Candidates
Climate Change, Presidential Power, and Leadership: "We Can't Wait"
An Insufficiently Accountable Presidency: Some Reflections on Jack Goldsmith's Power and Constraint
America's Drone Wars
A Tragi-Comedy of Errors Erodes Self-Execution of Treaties: Medellin v. Texas and Beyond