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January 17th, 2010

First Comprehensive Summary of the IHT Merchants Case now available from Grotian Moment Blog

We are pleased to post Judge Ra’id Juhi’s comprehensive English summary of the Iraqi High Tribunal's Merchants Case, the third case to be tried by the Tribunal. Little has so far been written about the case and its judgment has not yet been translated into English. Judge Ra’id, who served as the IHT’s Chief Investigative Judge for the previous Dujail and Anfal cases, is currently Distinguished Jurist in Residence at Case Western Reserve University School of Law (home of the Grotian Moment Blog). The Merchants Case featured former Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz as a defendant, along with Al Hassan al-Majid (“Chemical Ali”), Watban Ibrahim (Saddam’s half brother and chief adviser), and Sabawi Ibrahim (Saddam’s half brother and former intelligence chief) and several others who faced charges stemming from the 1992 executions of 42 merchants accused by the Ba’athist Regime of being behind a sharp increase in food prices when the country was under strict UN sanctions following the invasion of Kuwait. The presiding judge of the Merchants trial, Raouf Abdul-Rahman, had previously presided over the Dujail trial which was the subject of the award-winning book “Enemy of the State” (St. Martin’s Press, 2008) by Grotian Moment Expert Bloggers Michael Scharf and Michael Newton ( see ). In March 2009, the Iraqi High Tribunal issued its verdict in the Merchants case: Taraq Aziz and Al Hassan al-Majid were each found guilty and sentence to fifteen years, while Watban Ibrahim and Sabawi Ibrahim were sentence to death. As described in Judge Ra’id’s detailed analysis, the judgment raises a host of novel issues which are sure to be of interest to scholars and practitioners of international criminal law.

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