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Kevin Jon Heller


Kevin Jon Heller is currently a Lecturer on the University of Auckland Faculty of Law in New Zealand. He holds a JD from Stanford Law School (with distinction), an MA in literature from Duke University, and an MA and BA in sociology from the New School for Social Research. After clerking on the Ninth Circuit for Judge William C. Canby, Jr., he practiced criminal defense in Los Angeles for three years, specializing in drug, racketeering, conspiracy, and extradition cases. He also defended Milan Panic, the former Prime Minister of Yugoslavia, against charges that his pharmaceutical company systematically violated the Yugoslavian Asset Control Regulations.

Professor Heller teaches international criminal law, criminal law, and evidence. His publications include: "The Cognitive Psychology of Circumstantial Evidence," 105 Michigan Law Review (2006); "The Rhetoric of Constitutional Necessity - A Response to Sanford Levinson," 40 Georgia Law Review (2006); "Beyond the Reasonable Man? A Sympathetic but Critical Assessment of the Use of Subjective Standards of Reasonableness in Self-Defense and Provocation Cases," 26 American Journal of Criminal Law 1 (Fall, 1998); "Whatever Happened to Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt? Of Drug Conspiracies, Overt Acts, and United States v. Shabani," 49 Stanford Law Review 111 (1996); and "Power, Subjectification, and Resistance in Foucault," SubStance 79 (April, 1996). He has also edited a collection of essays on the work of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari for the University of Minnesota Press and contributed essays on extradition, the cultural defense, proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and conspiracy to the forthcoming Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties.

He has published a number of articles on US criminal law and social theory, including a comparative analysis of the use of subjective standards of reasonableness in self-defense and provocation cases, and edited a successful collection of essays on the work of Gilles Deleuze for the University of Minnesota Press. He graduated with distinction from Stanford Law School, clerked on the Ninth Circuit, and was a criminal-defense attorney in Los Angeles for three years, specializing in extradition and the defense of transnational crimes.

Contributor, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES (Routledge, 2006). Articles on "Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt," "Conspiracy," "Extradition," "Cultural Defense," and "Exemplars."


DELEUZE AND GUATTARI: NEW MAPPINGS IN POLITICS, PHILOSOPHY, AND CULTURE (University of Minnesota Press, 1998) (with Eleanor Kaufman).
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