Milton A. Kramer Law Clinic Center
Milton A. Kramer Law Clinic Center

Milton A. Kramer Law Clinic Center
P: 216.368.2766

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Under Faculty guidance, students handle a broad range of legal matters: consumer matters (such as deceptive sales practices and predatory lending), elder and disability law (encompassing social security, public benefits, and HIV/AIDS), non-profit incorporation and legal help for arts groups, and criminal misdemeanors (such as DUI, petty theft, and domestic violence). Simultaneously, through work in the Clinic, students actualize their responsibility to ensure access to justice for those unrepresented or underrepresented in our community. Given the breadth of experiences available to our students, on any given day of the week, you may find them:
  • conducting a jury voir dire
  • cross examining a police officer
  • drafting a contract for a non-profit organization
  • interviewing material witnesses in a predatory lending case
  • conducting an examination of a medical expert in a social security disability claim
  • negotiating a plea arrangement with a prosecutor
  • advocating on behalf of a non-profit corporation before government officials
  • advising a board of directors on a complex community development project
  • developing projects that derive from client representation speaking to a community group about their rights or providing business information
As a result of this "real world" experience, it is no wonder that many students cite their experience in the Clinic as the most rewarding and educational of their law school career.

“We were able to address a variety of legal issues for our clients and got to experience putting our substantive knowledge to use for our clients.”
Student Comment
Concentration credit is granted for Clinic work