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USPTO Selects School of Law for Pilot Program

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has selected Case Western Reserve University School of Law to participate in the Patent Law School Clinic Certification Pilot Program. The Law School Clinic Certification Pilot Program provides law students the opportunity to practice patent law before the USPTO. Each of the 27 participating law school clinics provides services to clients on a pro bono basis.

Our School of Law will also participate in the newest component, the Patent Pilot Petition to Make Special Program, which allows the law school to designate a set number of patent applications per academic semester to be advanced out of turn, in order to provide the students with more immediate feedback. Each school must certify that they provide all patent clinic clients with patentability searches and opinions prior to qualifying for advancement out of turn.

According to the selection letter from the USPTO:

"A Selection Committee comprised of USPTO professionals carefully reviewed each submission . . . choosing the schools that appear to have the greatest potential for success. Each of the selected schools has exciting and innovative attributes to lend to its success in the patent pilot. The Selection Committee commented on exemplary aspects of the selected schools' programs such as excellent IP curriculum, effective outreach to the community, and comprehensive client services."

We look forward to Case Western Resserve Univeristy School of Law's participation in the patent pilot."

William R. Covey
Deputy General Counsel for Enrollment and Discipline and
Director of the Office of Enrollment and Discipline
United States Patent and Trademark Office

Students at Case Western Reserve University School of Law have the opportunity to address some of today’s most intriguing issues