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Drama Discussions: Voices of Diversity

Drama Discussions: Voices of Diversity is a project in which a project in which Dr. Marvin Rosenberg, CPE associate and MSASS Professor, and his hand-picked group of actors perform thought-provoking plays which address issues of social equality, multicultural diversity, and health care for the elderly.

Normally, these plays are performed for health and social service organizations in Greater Cleveland and beyond. The two plays are I'm Not Rappaport and Cold Storage. I'm Not Rappaport is the 1986-Tony Award-winning Play which stimulates audience discussion about issues of racism, intergenerational conflict, diversity, and the deep bonds that can exist despite racial and other differences. Cold Storage is the 1977-Dramatist Guild Award-winning play which stimulates discussion about death and dying, end of life treatment, health care costs, and the treatment of the ill in our society.

The shows provide far more than entertainment. Following each performance, Marvin Rosenberg leads a discussion with other members of the cast focusing on social and ethical issues addressed by each play. The performances are presented by a cast of well-known Cleveland actors consisting of: Marvin Rosenberg, Reuben and Dorothy Silver, Abdullah Bey, Sarah May and Sheri Gross.