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March 15th, 2010

First Comprehensive English Summary of the IHTís 1991 Case now available from Grotian Moment Blog

We are pleased to post Judge Raíid Juhiís English summary of the Iraqi High Tribunal's 1991 Case, the third case to be tried by the Tribunal. Little has been written about the case to date and its judgment has not yet been translated into English. Judge Raíid, who served as the IHTís Chief Investigative Judge for the previous Dujail and Anfal cases, is currently Distinguished Jurist in Residence at Case Western Reserve University School of Law (home of the Grotian Moment Blog). The 1991 Case judgment, related to crimes against humanity committed during the suppression of the 1991 Shiite uprising in southern and northern Iraq in the aftermath of the Gulf war, was issued on December 2, 2008, under presiding judge Mohamed Oreibi al-Khalifa.

Convictions included former Baath party official Abdul-Ghani Abdul-Ghafur and Al Hassan al-Majid (ďChemical AliĒ), who both received death sentences. (Al-Majid, who was sentenced to death in three separate IHT cases, was executed on January 24, 2010.) Four defendants received life sentences, including Iyad Fatieh al-Rawi, former chief of staff and a Republican Guard commander, Hussein Rashid al-Tikriti, former assistant chief of staff, and Saber Abdul-Aziz al-Dori, the former military intelligence chief. Six received 15-year sentences, including former defense ministers Sultan Hashim Ahmad al-Tai and Saadi Taama Abbas, as well as Sabaawi Ibrahim al-Hassan, Saddam Husseinís half brother, and Abad Hamid Mahmud, Saddam Husseinís personal secretary. Three defendants were acquitted, including Latif Mahal Hamoud, former Basra governor. Judge Raíidís analysis of the judgment is certain to be of interest to scholars and practitioners of international criminal law.

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