Frederick K. Cox International Law Center
Frederick K. Cox International Law Center

Case Western Reserve University School of Law
2008 Jessup International Moot Court World Championship Team.

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The International Law Faculty

Calvin W. Sharpe
Galen J. Roush Professor in Business Law and Regulation
Phone: 216/368-5069

Galen J. Roush Professor of Business Law and Regulation; BA 1967 (Clark), JD 1974 (Northwestern), MA 1996 (Chicago Theological Seminary)
Calvin Sharpe is a leading expert and author in international labor and arbitration. He has extensive involvement in South Africa, where he has lectured. He is the founding director of CISCDR (Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Conflict and Dispute Resolution), which often cosponsors events with the Cox Center.


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Professor Sharpe’s piece entitled, Issues in Controlling the Arbitration Hearing, was published in 61 Nat. Acad. Arb. Proc. 287 (BNA 2009).

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“Judicial Review of Labor Arbitration Awards: A View from the Bench,” 52 National Academy of Arbitrators Annual Proceedings___ (1999)

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