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Frederick K. Cox International Law Center

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2008 Jessup International Moot Court World Championship Team.

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The International Law Faculty

Sharona Hoffman
Edgar A. Hahn Professor of Law; Professor of Bioethics; Co-Director of the Law-Medicine Center
Phone: 216/368-3860

Professor of Law and Bioethics; BA 1985 (Wellesley), JD 1988 (Harvard), LLM in Health Law 1999 (Houston)
Sharona Hoffman is co-director of the Law-Medicine Center. She teaches the Health Care and Human Rights seminar. Prior to joining the law faculty in 1999, Prof. Hoffman was a Senior Trial Attorney at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Houston. In addition, she worked as an associate at O'Melveny & Myers in Los Angeles and served as a judicial clerk for U.S. District Judge Douglas W. Hillman of the Western District of Michigan. In 2003, she was a summer visiting professor at the University of Melbourne in Australia. January-April 2007, Prof. Hoffman served as a Guest Researcher at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Public Health Law Program in Atlanta. She has written and lectured widely about public health emergency preparedness. She teaches a course on International Health Law.


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