Frederick K. Cox International Law Center
Frederick K. Cox International Law Center

Case Western Reserve University School of Law
2008 Jessup International Moot Court World Championship Team.

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Student Internships in North America

Asian Law Caucus
"My summer internship was a challenging experience. The main project Iworked on consisted of creating and implementing an outreach program for the taxicab workers of San Francisco. Recently, the Asian Law Caucus has started focusing on reaching the South Asian community of the Bay Area and the taxicab outreach was integral to this objective. In June, we organized a group of employment and immigration attorneys and volunteers who spoke Arabic and Urdu (I volunteered my Hindi and Punjabi skills), and headed over to the San Francisco International Airport. There we sat with cab drivers waiting to be called up to the taxi deck to pick up patrons and discussed workplace and immigration issues they faced.

It was interesting to see the reactions of the drivers. Many never had anyone ask them their opinions on worker healthcare and other employment issues. Most interesting was the reaction of the drivers when someone asking the questions spoke in their language. The conversations shifted from brief statements to full blown conversations where the attorneys picked up interesting cases and the drivers received much needed advice and help. It was the first time I was able to use my language skills in a legal capacity and the experience was both difficult and rewarding." -Ruchie K. Chadha


FCC International Bureau
Strategic Analysis and Negotiations Division
"This summer I worked at the FCC International Bureau, Strategic Analysis and Negotiations Division. This division works with the State Department on diplomatic issues related to telecommunications. This is includes direct talks with the FCC's counter parts in other countries as well as representing the U.S. in bodies like the U.N. on telecommunications issues. The division also works with nearly every other part of the FCC to provide an analysis of how other countries deal with issues that the FCC is currently working with.

During the summer I have done research and analysis of European frameworks regarding Broadband, Open Internet issues, Consumer protection, and Online Privacy." - Rizwan Chowdry

Human Rights Watch (Wash. DC & NYC)
"I worked for the Europe and Central Asia division of Human Rights Watch this summer. Substantively, I worked on a number of interesting projects for the various researchers within the Division. I researched property rights and expropriations in Baku, Azerbaijan and wrote a policy memo on immigration and labor rights related to Russian migrant workers.  I also researched E.U. Association Agreements with the South Caucasus and drafted background memos on the relationship between the South Caucasus and the E.U. - John Sawyer

Maggio & Kattar
(Wash. DC)
I researched and built cases for asylum applicants on the basis of mental illness, LGBT or transgender status, and other issues. For example, I worked with a schizophrenic applicant. The U.S. does not yet have any published precedent that supports mental illness as a basis for asylum, though other countries, such as Canada and some in Western Europe, do. The applicant's home country has few legal protections for this kind of disability, and traditional cultural practices would put him at the risk of physical harm if he were deported there. I am preparing country conditions reports, affidavits, and legal memos for several asylum applicants in this vein.

In addition, I researched country conditions for fraud/humanitarian waiver cases. This can include information about political conditions, availability of medical care, attitudes toward U.S. citizens, economic conditions, rule of law, etc. Other tasks included assessing the validity of a tribal divorce in South Africa for immigration purposes, and researching domestic criminal statutes. - Ruth Dickey

Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center (PIRC)
"I have been working with immigrants detained at York County Prison and the Berks Family Shelter in Pennsylvania. I participated in the legal intake process, direct representation of clients, legal orientation for detained immigrants, and court submission preparation. I worked with a number of individual immigrants on their intake process, an appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals, and worked closely with a client as she went through the Cancellation of Removal Process for a Legal Permanent Resident and bond redetermination. Through my internship I gained invaluable experience and learned more about the U.S. immigration system." -Shelley Starzyk

U.N. Development Programme, NYC
"For my internship, I worked on the new Commission on HIV and the Law that the UN Development Programme andUNAIDS are launching. I wrote a memo on the Criminalization of Men Who Have Sex with Men and one on the Crimilization of Sex Work, as it relates to a country's response to HIV. To write these, I researched laws, law enforcement practices, and epidemiological data described in scholarly articles and papers by the UN and NGOs." - Nadeah Vali

U.S. Department of Justice - Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance, and Training

Working for OPDAT was very engaging and gave me great exposure to international and foreign criminal law. I was able to utilize all the international experience I had attained at Case Western in each and every project I worked on. My OPDAT supervisors gave me substantive assignments suited to my interests that made the entire experience extremely worthwhile. - Helena Traner

World Intellectual Property Organization, St. Kitts
"Itís easy to assume a summer internship researching and evaluating intellectual property law in the Caribbean would be two months in paradise, but working in the developing nation of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis was as challenging as it was rewarding. While I gained a wealth of knowledge of international law and regulations, the real lessons came from working with very few resources in a culture where having a game plan means very little. My summer on that little island toughened me up and taught me the importance of adaptability, the true meaning of flexibility and the power of persistence." - Johanna Staral

The Cox Center awards up to 35 grants every summer to support international law internships around the globe.