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The mission of the Center is to prepare future leaders to understand business issues facing business entities, engage in research on the role and impact of government in the regulation of business, and to foster public debate regarding the role of government in the regulation of businesses.

Dean Lawrence Mitchell's paper "Whose Capital; What Gains?: Why the U.S. Economy Needs to Change Incentives," was published by Brookings on July 10, 2012.

On May 3, Prof. George Dent spoke on WKSU 897 FM (National Public Radio) about a report concerning conflicts of interest regarding the CEO of Chesapeake Energy Corp.
Prof. Erik Jensen published “Does the Taxing Clause Give Congress Unlimited Power?”, in 135 Tax Notes 1515 (2012).
Dean Lawrence Mitchell's article "Financialism: A (Very) Brief History" has been reprinted in the latest issue of Tsinghua Law Jounal in the Chinese translation.
On July 13, 2012, Prof. Yuri Linetsky presented "Business Entities and the Lawsuit" to Judges, Acting Judges, and Magistrates as part of a program on Business Entities in Municipal and County Courts for the Supreme Court of Ohio Judicial College.
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