Center for Business Law & Regulation
Center for Business Law & Regulation

Case Western Reserve University School of Law

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From the Director – an Introduction

In recent years, changes in the U.S. economy have dramatically affected the practice of business law. Companies and transactions have become global, financing and structuring vehicles have become more sophisticated, and technology has increased the flow of information and the speed of transactions. Successful business lawyers must now have a much broader understanding of the business world in order to provide sound advice to their clients. Lawyers must serve as counselors and catalysts, working in partnership with their clients to develop creative solutions and achieve strategic goals.

The Center for Business Law & Regulation at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law was founded in 2003 to address the challenges presented by this changed business environment.  The mission of the Center is to:

 Prepare future leaders to understand business issues facing entrepreneurs, business entities, and other clients;
• Engage in legal, empirical, and interdisciplinary research on the role and impact of government in the regulation of business
• Foster public debate regarding the role of government in the regulation of businesses.

The Center for Business Law & Regulation offers a dynamic and comprehensive combination of curricular offerings and extra-curricular programs in business law and regulation.  Center programs include a series of public lectures and symposia, fellowships, conferences and academic workshops. Through these programs, the Center seeks to provide the core knowledge, theory, skills, and values necessary for successfully representing entrepreneurs and large commercial organizations in a constantly evolving, increasingly complex domestic and international marketplace.  In addition, students benefit from the Center’s extensive curricular offerings, a unique Business Organizations Concentration, and collaborations with related institutions, including the Weatherhead School of Management.

At Case Western Reserve University School of Law, we recognize that the well-equipped business lawyer of the future must possess broad and deep knowledge of key legal doctrines, an understanding of the clients' goals and underlying business context, sophisticated analytical tools, strong oral and written communication skills, an appreciation of U.S. and international business regulation, and an ability to craft creative solutions to problems. We teach our students how to approach transactions from a planning perspective, preparing them to take the lead in assembling viable, lasting deals.

Through the Center for Business Law and Regulation, we have built a powerful program to give our graduates these tools and to prepare them for careers in business law. Our graduates are top business lawyers in leading law firms and corporations across the country and the world. Many of our graduates have taken their law degrees into the world of management, holding CEO and other leadership positions in corporations of all sizes.

I invite you to learn more about the Center for Business Law and Regulation at Case School of Law. Feel free to contact me.

Jonathan H. Adler
Johan Verheij Memorial Professor of Law
Director, Center for Business Law and Regulation