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Web Links for Truth and Reconciliation Commissions - NGOs

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Name: Ford Foundation
Description: The Ford Foundation's purpose is to strengthen democratic values, reduce poverty and injustice, promote international cooperation and advance human achievement. The Ford Foundation provides grants to people and organizations in pursuit of their goals. For researchers in search of a grant they have all their guidelines as well as a grant database on the website. The best way to find information on this site is to use their search engine which for "truth and reconciliation" provided not only HTML pages, but Ford Foundation Reports, news articles and links to Ford Foundation grant winners. The bibliography compiled by the Ford Foundation with the help of Harvard Law School Human Rights Program is extensive although it has not been updated since 1997. As well the Ford Foundation articles on truth and reconciliation cover both South Africa as well as Peru.
Name: INCORE, International Conflict Research
Description: Established in 1993, INCORE is a joint project of the United Nations University and the Univiversity of Ulster. Combining research, education and comparative analysis, INCORE addresses the causes and consequences of conflict. Although its main focus is on the conflict in Northern Ireland it is an excellent source for locating academic centers, program and institutes along with links to academic articles and non governmental organizations. The site provides an excellent account of articles along with links to the publications. Although this can be found under Academic Articles, please note that many of these articles were not published in academic journals but instead are newspaper articles from reputable newspapers around the world. Researchers be forewarned many of these links do not work but INCORE does provide enough citation information that the articles can be found by going directly to the source.
Name: International Centre for Transitional Justice (ICTJ)
Description: ICTJ assists countries pursuing accountability for past mass atrocity or human rights abuse. The ICTJ assists in the five key elements: prosecuting perpetrators, documenting violations through non-judicial means such as truth commissions, reforming abusive institutions, providing reparations to victims and advancing reconciliation.
Name: International Crisis Group (ICG)
Description: ICG is an independent, non-profit organization that utilizes teams of political analysts located in countries at risk of outbreak, and escalation or recurrence of violent conflict to make assessments from the field. ICG then publishes these reports which contain practical recommendations targeted at key international decision makers. The site is organized by region and as well has a link to thematic issues . Typing "truth and reconciliation" yielded reports and briefs on many countries including Burundi, Columbia and Sierra Leone.
Name: International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA)
Description: IDEA is an intergovernmental organization with member state all across the world that seek to support sustainable democracy in both new and established democracies. The links page provides links to its member countries' government websites, political parties, election information and news organizations.
Name: International Internet Bibliography on Transitional Justice
Description: This site was founded by a graduate researcher and is supported by German Academic Exchange Service. The bibliography contains 2000 recently published articles, book chapters and all material is either in English or German. There is a special focus on the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and on Germany after 1945 and 1989. This website provides a thematic, regional and country index as well as a link to other websites which is also indexed by topic. Please note there are some links which do now work. As well you can subscribe to the mailing list.
Name: Strategic Choices in the Design of Truth Commissions, The Truth Commissions Project
Description: The Truth Commission Project, a collaboration between the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, Search for Common Ground (an NGO located in Washington, D.C.), and the European Centre for Common Ground (located in Brussels). The primary purpose of the project is to make a portion of the literature on the Truth Commission available in a concise form to the decision makers around the world who are contemplating the launch of their own commission. The site, last updated in 2002, provides a comprehensive information on what they see as the five most successful and studied truth commissions. These are: Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala and South Africa. Interestingly the material is organized around key issues that each of the five Commissions had to confront. These "Design Factor" questions are posted and the choices each of the commissions made when confronted with these issues is provided. There is also historical background information provided on each commission. Furthermore the bibliography is extensive and the web links provide links to each country's truth commission reports. Some of the links do not work and much of the governmental material for the Latin American countries is offered only in Spanish.
Name: United States Institute of Peace
Description: The United States Institute of Peace is an independent non-partisan federal institution established by Congress in 1984 to promote the prevention, management and peaceful resolution of international conflicts. The library link leads you to the Margarita S. Studemeister Digital Library of International Conflict Management, which contains a Truth Commissions Digital Collection. This source provides decrees establishing truth commissions as well as all the reports issued by such groups. For anyone wanting the know the background of truth commissions, supporting documents as well as a comprehensive list of all 24 truth commissions and 12 related inquiry bodies to date this site should be every researcher's first stop.

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