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Name: Agent Orange - Vietnam: Yesterday and Today
Description: This site offers detailed information on the uses and effects of Agent Orange in the Vietnam War. Additional links to other websites explore the health and environmental effects of the herbicide on the people of Vietnam and on U.S. military personnel.
Name: Agent Orange Information
Description: This website provides numerous links that explore the effects, composition and use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.
Name: Asian Human Rights Commission - South Korean Soldiers Massacred Vietnamese during Vietnam War
Description: The website posts an article recognizing that South Korean armed forces committed war crimes against the Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. The article urges the Korean government to officially recognize the atrocities that occurred and to compensate both the Vietnamese victims and the Korean soldiers who were forced to commit the acts.
Name: Crimes of War Project - Vietnam
Description: This website offers links to archives, expert analyses, and book and magazine excerpts that explore war crimes committed throughout the world. There are over 65 documents that refer to various war crimes that were allegedly committed in Vietnam.
Name: Dellums Committee Hearings on Vietnam War Crimes
Description: This site posts the April 25, 1971 Dellums committee hearings on war crimes in Vietnam. The purpose of the hearings was to investigate the military policy used in Vietnam, which appeared to foster war atrocities. Specifically, the hearing focuses on free-fire zones, search and destroy missions, mass resettlement of peasantry and "bodycount mainia."
Name: Global Policy Forum - Jurisdiction, Venue and Justice for Vietnam War Crimes
Description: The focus of this website is on International Justice and the venues available for achieving justice under the dictates of the United Nations. The site contains over 100 documents that address alleged Vietnam War crimes, including the roles of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, Senator Bob Kerrey, and Henry Kissinger.
Name: Human Rights Watch - Vietnam War Crimes
Description: This website allows individuals to search various topics by country or issue. The website contains links to several articles and press releases that explore alleged war crimes in Vietnam by the United States, France and other countries involved in the conflict.
Name: International War Crimes Tribunal - Testimonial Excerpts from War Crimes in Vietnam
Description: This website contains links to the trial transcripts of the individuals who testified during two sessions of the International War Crimes Tribunal of 1967 which was convened to determine if the United States committed war crimes in Vietnam. The first transcript is from Stockholm, Sweden on May 2-10, 1967 and the second is from hearings in Roskilde, Denmark on November 20 through December 1, 1967.
Name: National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
Description: The NARA is an independent federal agency charged with being America's national record keeper. This website offers full search capabilities and returns over 192 documents that reference "Vietnam War Crimes."
Name: PBS - Vietnam Online
Description: This website contains general information regarding the United States involvement in the Vietnam War. The website offers links that establish the historical background and a timeline for events that occurred during the war. Commentary is offered on the war crimes that were allegedly committed by both the United States and Vietnam.
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