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Name: 303rd Bomb Group Association POW Camps
Description: This is the site for the association of the 303rd "Hell's Angels" Bombardment Group. This page in question lists all the WWII German prisoner of war camps that held members of that group and gives extremely detailed location, history, and descriptive information about each specific camp.
Name: Andersonville Civil War Prison
Description: This page is dedicated to detailing the history of the Confederate prisoner of war camp at Andersonville. A general history of the beginning and ending of the camp's usage is given. The description of the stockade at the camp is given ample attention.
Name: Enemy Prisoner of War Camps in Iraq
Description: This site, with most information derived from the Human Rights Watch database, lists all the U.S. prisoner of war camps that currently hold Iraqi soldiers from the latest gulf war. Abu Grhaib, the P.O.W. prison where certain U.S. soldiers committed human rights violations is discussed in length.
Name: German Prisoners of War in Mississippi
Description: This page tells the story of how the Nazi's infamous "Afrika Corps" made its way to stay in the WWII American prisoner of war camps in Mississippi. Included details include the reasons for the group's move to the states, the treatment of the prisoners, and how the prisoners worked for America during their stay.
Name: Gettysburg Prisoner of War Camp
Description: During WWII, German soldiers were held on the land at Gettysburg. This site from the Adams County Historical Society gives a brief description of those soldiers' lives and their post-camp existence.
Name: In the Bag: New Zealanders in captivity during WWII
Description: Run by the New Zealand Ministry for Culture and Heritage, this page is part of an overall exhibit dedicated to remembering New Zealander prisoners of war. Therein is detailed the story of how said soldiers were captured, imprisoned, liberated, and repatriated.
Name: Innoshima POW Camp
Description: COFEPOW is a charitable organization designed to memorialize the Far East prisoners of war. The page here discusses the conditions and work performed at the Japanese prisoner of war camp at Innoshina. Camp food, clothing, sanitation, and recreational facilities are all discussed.
Name: Japanese POW Camps
Description: Based from the University of San Diego's history department, this page is part of a larger project on the Allied force loss of the Philippines during WWII. This page itself details the horrendous treatment Allied soldiers received in the WWII Japanese prisoner of war camps.
Name: Never Forgotten: The Story of Taiwan POW Camps
Description: The site deals exclusively with remembering and honoring those who were interned in the Taiwan prisoner of war camps. Included therein is an ongoing compilation of all the prisoner camps in which American soldiers served during World War II.
Name: POW Rules
Description: Digger History is a site offering the "unofficial history of the Australian and New Zealand Armed Services." Therein, this page lists all of the rules for prisoner of war treatment under the Third Geneva Convention. That said, those rules are not merely repeated here, but are explicated with specific examples.
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