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Name: Amnesty International - Press Release
Description: Amnesty International Press Release: Ingushetia Must Remain Safe Haven for Displaced Chechens-Internally Displaced Persons are being forced to leave safety zones in Ingushetia and return to Chechnya under unsafe conditions.
Description: Focuses on all matters that concern people seeking asylum, together with a directory of hundreds of online resources relating to: asylum and refugees, conflict, country data, court cases, deportation, detention, discrimination, funding, gender, government, human rights, human trafficking, law, media, migration, policy and studies.
Name: - Position Paper on Safe Areas
Description: Position paper in opposition to the UK government's proposal for the regional management of asylum through the use of safe havens. The plan is to transfer spontaneous asylum-seekers to safe havens outside of the European Union. The paper challenges the plan as unprincipled (because it undermines the safety of refugees as provided by the 1951 Refugee Convention), legally problematic (as it will lead to many expensive and lengthy judicial challenges), unworkable (as the system will be clogged with applicants), and expensive (because the cost of establishing the safety havens, deporting persons, and monitoring the safety of safe havens will be prohibitively costly).
Name: CNN: Peace Proposals for Kosovo Buffer Zone
Description: Article on NATO's attempt to provide guidelines for relations between Serbian police and military personnel and ethnic Albanians. 2/15/01.
Name: CNN: Tensions Rise in Kosovo Border Zone
Description: Article reporting that ethnic Albanian militants exchanged gunfire with Serbian police and Yugoslav soldiers near the village of Lucane in the buffer zone separating Serbia from Kosovo. The area had been the scene of attacks by rebels seeking to link the largely ethnically Albanian area with Kosovo. 2/6/01.
Name: Crimes of War - Safety Zones
Description: Safety Zones by Adam Roberts--Safety zones is an unofficial term covering a wide variety of attempts to declare certain areas off-limits for military targeting. The Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 and Additional Protocol I provide for three main types: hospital zones, neutralized zones, and demilitarized zones. These treaty arrangements require consent between belligerents, depend on complete demilitarization, and do not specify any arrangements for defending the areas. They have been used only occasionally.
Name: Crimes of War - Undefended Towns
Description: Undefended Town by Adam Roberts--Towns or cities that are undefended or open (the terms are used more or less synonymously) have been the subject of regulation, and confusion, in international law and military practice since at least the late nineteenth century.
Name: Doctors Without Borders Calls for International Military Intervention to Create Safe Zones in Zaire
Description: Calls for UN safe zones that must: 1) ensure protection for refugees and Zairians; 2) ensure access for relief agencies; 3) disarm all warring parties and criminal elements within the zone and bring an end to impunity by isolating and bringing to justice those responsible for the Rwandan 1994 genocide. The safe zones must also ensure assistance and protection for the Zairian civilian population suffering from this conflict.
Name: Down the Rabbit Hole: the Strange Logic of Internal Flight Alternative
Description: By Bill Frelick--Article on the evolution of the internal flight doctrine. The doctrine is an explanation of the development of a policy towards refugees and displaced persons where, beginning with Operation Provide Comfort in 1991 in Iraq, safety zones are made within the problem country at locations as near as possible to the home of the refugees.
Name: High Security Zones Issue: Plan Being Prepared to Resettle Civilians
Description: The government of Sri Lanka plans to resettle civilians in a limited geographical area within a High Security Zone in the Jaffna Peninsula.
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