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Web Links for Religious, Political, and Racial Persecution

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Name: Center for Religious Freedom
Description: The Center for Religious Freedom is a self-sustaining division of Freedom House. Founded in 1941 by Eleanor Roosevelt and Wendell Willkie to oppose Naziism and Communism in Europe, Freedom House is America's oldest human rights group. Its Center for Religious Freedom defends against religious persecution of all groups throughout the world. It is currently at the forefront of a national campaign to defend persecuted religious believers worldwide.
Name: Centre for Victims of Political Persecutions
Description: The aim of the project is to provide victims of political persecution with psychological care and medical support. An additional aim of the program is to conduct research based on collected documentation, diagnostic materials, and treatment effects, as well as to draw public attention to the situation of victims of political persecution. Yet another aspect of the project is to conduct research based on collected diagnostic material and treatment results.
Name: Chin Human Rights Organization
Description: Chin Human Rights Organization is working to protect and promote the rights of the Chin people. Established in 1995, as part of its efforts to restore democracy and human rights to Burma, the CHRO has been independently documenting human rights violations perpetrated by Burma's military regime against the Chin of Burma.
Name: Christian International Freedom
Description: CFI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan Christian human rights organization which helps to ensure that persecuted Christians around the world receive the help they need. The site offers the chance to purchase one-of-a-kind, high quality, affordable merchandise that provides assistance to persecuted Christians. Christian refugees handcraft many of the products and the proceeds from the products go to needy areas.
Name: Echoes of the Holocaust
Description: The purpose of this bulletin is to provide a platform for the encouragement, and publication, of research into the after effects on the survivors themselves and on their children and grandchildren - the second and third generations of those who went through the Holocaust. Researchers in Israel and abroad can thereby contribute to a clearer understanding of the issues.
Description: The site offers a human rights archive. The archive consists of human rights-related articles from 2000, 2001 and 2002. The archive covers all of the Eurasian countries.
Name: Falun Dafa
Description: This site describes the art of practicing Falun Dafa and the persecution that practitioners in China are subject to. The site includes facts about the persecution, media reports about the persecution, and calls to bring Jiang Zemin to justice for the human rights violations he has allegedly committed against Falun Dafa followers.
Name: Family.Org
Description: Web site that gives examples of modern day religious persecution, including incidents in Sudan, China and The Russian Federation. Also includes contact addresses of other groups that focus on ways in which help can be given to the victims of persecution.
Name: Free the Laos 10
Description: This website describes the events surrounding the arrest of ten people in1998 by the municipality police of Vientiane, Laos. One of those arrested is an 18-year-old who is guilty of teaching children's Bible classes for the past two years, and the other nine are husbands and fathers of families that are guilty of being church leaders.
Name: Gospel for Asia
Description: The site is active in recruiting for and providing help to those who are the subject of such human rights abuses. The site provides ways for people to get involved in aiding of those suffering from human rights abuses.
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