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Web Links for Obedience to Superior Orders

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Name: Advocacy Net
Description: (search: superior orders) Describes the day to day debates between states as they lobby for or against adoption of the ICC
Name: Command Responsibility and Superior Orders in the Twentieth Century-A Century of Evolution
Description: A chronicle of the history of the concept of command responsibility and the defense of superior orders, with emphasis on developments in the last century. Assesses both military and non-military cases where individuals have invoked the defense to superior orders.
Name: Crimes of War - Command Responsibility
Description: A discussion of the limited circumstances that the defense to superior orders may be invoked to mitigate punishment-may not serve as a defense against an allegation of grave breaches or other serious violations of International Humanitarian Law
Name: Human Rights Watch - On Defense Arguments
Description: Human Rights Watch recommends abolishing the defense of superior orders from the ICC statute
Name: Human Rights Watch - On the ICC
Description: Human Rights Watch's critique of the UK's 2000 ICC draft bill recommending that the draft not provide for the defense of superior orders based on Article 8 of the Nuremberg Charter which prohibits the application of superior orders as a defense, the Statutes for the ICTR and ICTY, and the Convention against Torture
Name: Implementation Strategies Adopted by: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and South Africa
Description: Table showing particular issues of ICC debate and the respective countries' responses for implementation
Name: International Humanitarian Law and War Crimes
Description: Provides description of International Humanitarian Law and its relation to the "laws of war." Describes the defense of superior orders in relation to command responsibility
Name: Milosevic and the Chain of Command in Kosovo
Description: The defense of superior orders is not a defense to criminal liability, yet may be used to mitigate the sentence of a subordinate who acted under superior orders-Ex: Art. 7(4) of the Statute of the ICC.
Name: Nuremberg--A Fair Trial? Dangerous Precedent
Description: Analysis concluding that the defense of superior orders does not go against ex post fact laws in our country and a if the International Military Tribunal rejects the defense of superior orders that it is wholly consistent with principles of US justice
Name: Sentencing By International Tribunals: A Human Rights Approach
Description: Contains a detailed discussion of international cases where the defense of superior orders was considered as a mitigating factor- U.S. v. Wihelm List, U.S. v. Von Leeb, U.S. v. Ohlendorf et al., U.S. v. Alstotter et al, US v. Yamashita
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