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Web Links for NATO Intervention into Serbia (1999) (legality of; war crimes committed during)

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Name: "NATO On Trial"
Description: A UK perspective on the illegality of NATO's bombings of Yugoslavia.
Name: "NATO's War of Aggression Against Yugoslavia: An Overview"
Description: Article by Michael Chossudo, "NATO's War of Aggression Against Yugoslavia: An Overview". Among other issues, this article questions the extent of the humanitarian catastrophe prior to the bombings, and focuses on NATO's use of toxic radioactive shells and missiles containing depleted uranium which have been causing radioactive fallout.
Name: Americans Against World Empire, Inc.
Description: Links to reports questioning the credibility of the justifications for NATO's involvement.
Name: Amnesty International Kosovo Pages
Description: This site provides news and photos of alleged ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. Articles discuss the violations of the laws of war by NATO during Operation Allied Force. Links to many documents including news releases, reports, annual reports and case studies regarding the Kosovo crisis.
Name: Amnesty International USA - Kosovo
Description: Report: NATO Committed War Crimes in Kosovo. Concludes that NATO intervention into Kosovo violated Protocol I Additional to the Geneva Conventions.
Name: Antiwar online newspaper
Description: This site provides a page full of links relating to the topic: "Why we oppose US/NATO intervention in Kosovo". Included among the links are statements from: Academy for Peace, Pat Buchanan, Boston Globe, Investors Business Daily, Jesse Jackson.
Name: Balkan Repository Project
Description: Provides many links to presentations, articles and studies relating to the legality and effects of NATO's intervention in Kosovo, including: Civilian deaths in the NATO campaign, "Balkan Syndrome" and the discussion of Wesley Clark as a war criminal.
Name: Balkan Witness
Description: This web site provides a plethora of links to first-hand reports, histories, commentaries and links to information regarding the Kosovo Crisis. It is intended for Americans who are not knowledgeable of the situation in Yugoslavia and the circumstances that led to NATO intervention.
Name: Campaign for Justice for the Peoples of Yugoslavia
Description: This organization is dedicated to discovering and presenting the truth about: 1) NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 2) the illegality of the bombing (see Nuremberg war crimes prosecutor Walter Rockler's contribution) 3) techniques of media manipulation, public deception, cover up  -  Lessons ordinary citizens and the peace movement need to learn 4) causes and tragic consequences 5) the unpublicized re-writing of the NATO Treaty, NATO's new role 6) the implication for Europe and the world; significance of these events for world peace.
Name: Central Europe Review
Description: Article regarding Kosovar's perspective on the NATO intervention in Kosovo. He believes that NATO intervention was legal and that it should be considered so for the sake of allowing humanitarian intervention where needed.
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