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Name: All's Resource Site for Liberia
Description: An extremely strong daily listing of web-based news stories focused on human rights violations and social recovery in Liberia. Many of the stories are supplied by unique newspapers in states that border Liberia, providing insight not easily attained from conventional sources. Listings cover 151 of the most recent news stories and international reports.
Name: Amnesty International's 2002 Report on Liberia
Name: Amnesty International's 2003 Report on Liberia
Name: Amnesty International, USA, Human Rights Concerns in Liberia
Description: A monthly summary of news articles is provided on the issue of human rights abuses under Charles Taylor. Further, the yearly reports from Amnesty International on Liberia are available for the past 8 years.
Name: BBC's Country Profile on Liberia
Description: Perhaps one of the most comprehensive starting points for anyone seeking to familiarize themselves with the events leading up to the human rights abuses in Liberia during the past 2 decades. A graphical timeline of the state's history, sound clips, and recent articles are all catalogued at this site.
Name: Business-Human
Description: An extremely comprehensive website operating within the framework of the UN charter to assess the potential liability corporations face for doing business in Liberia. While the articles are linked from 3rd party sources, this addresses one of the unique aspects of international humanity law.
Name: Columbia University's African Studies Website
Description: A good starting point for examining Liberia. The primary value of this site comes in the form of its catalogue of reports on Liberia from the Carter Center and Liberians living abroad.
Name: Global Witness Focus on Liberia
Description: A small but comprehensive collection of PDF and Word files duplicating recent reports from the British Global Witness Foundation. These reports examine the economic means the Liberian government has employed to fund human rights abuses.
Name: Human Rights Watch 2001 World Report on Liberia
Description: This report critiques human rights in Liberia and the role of the international community in ending the insurrection against (now former) President Charles Taylor.
Name: Human Rights Watch Reports on Liberia
Description: Reports on Liberia dating as far back as 1990 and as recent as August 2003 are available here. This provides a useful tool in tracking the evolution of the human rights abuses in Liberia over the past 13 years.
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