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Frederick K. Cox International Law Center War Crimes Research Portal
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Web Links for Due Process

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Name: "The Ethical Spectacle" July 1996
Description: This site is an issue of an independently run web site. The issue contains a section of article dealing with war crimes, most of which are about due process rights.
Name: Bill C-18 Seriously Flawed
Description: This is an article archived on the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association web page protesting a Canadian law allowing deportation of immigrants without the due process rights of a criminal trial.
Name: Bush War: Military Necessity or War Crimes?
Description: This is a three part editorial on the Truthout web page. The editorial discusses the war criminal status of prisoners in Guatanamo Bay and their denial of due process rights.
Name: Cambodia: Fair Trial and Due Process are Not Up for Negotiation
Description: This is an Amnesty International press release regarding due process rights in Cambodian war criminals related to the Khmer Rouge.
Name: EDITORIAL "Balance of Probabilities" vs. Due Process
Description: This is an article from the 2002 Ukrainian Weekly describing the deportation of an immigrant to Canada who was found innocent of war crimes.
Name: Fact Sheets
Description: This page is part of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court site. The CICC made up of a large number of NGO's supporting the ICC. This page contains numerous links summarizing and clarifying the due process and other procedures of the ICC.
Name: Finalized draft text of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence
Description: This is an addendum to the Rome Statute creating the ICC listing the rules of procedure and evidence to be followed.
Name: Have We Really Learned the Lessons of Nuremberg
Description: This is an address comparing the Nuremberg and Yugoslavia war crimes trials with an emphasis on due process rights.
Name: International Criminal Court
Description: Amnesty International's web site has a section devoted to the ICC. Of pareticular importance are tow links summarizing the due process rights of the accused.
Name: International Law
Description: This is a subsection of the main United Nations web page containing links to the various courts under the U.N. Below are the links to the courts dealing with war crimes.
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