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Name: "Bamboo Gulag": China's Laigai Prison Network
Description: This page sheds light on a Chinese forced labor-concentration camp, which is thought to be the world's largest gulag. It houses about 20 million prisoners, most of them political dissenters.
Name: 800 000 held in Burundian concentration camps
Description: This describes what the Hutus had to endure in Burundi concentration camps (Rwanda).
Name: British envoy: Israel converted Palestinian towns to "concentration camps"
Description: This Muslim newspaper article accuses Israelis of making the West Bank into concentration camps. They credit the British Ambassador to Israel with this statement.
Name: Burundi: Concentration Camps
Description: Similarly, this page addresses the horrors of Burundi concentration camps.
Name: Camp List
Description: This page has a comprehensive listing of all known concentration camps around the world. Some of them are from WWII and even from previous years, but there are a lot of recent ones.
Name: Camps for Citizens: Ashcroft's Hellish Vision
Description: This is a similar page operated by a Constitutional Law professor for George Washington University. Specifically, it is an attack on Attorney General John Ashcroft.
Name: Concentration Camps in Baghdad: Families live in fear of midnight call by US patrols
Description: This is a Canadian article (dated 14 July 2003) on American-operated concentration and prison camps in Baghdad. It takes a very definitely negative stand against American action and compares it to the Guantanamo Bay incident.
Name: Concentration camps in Kosovo: The KLA Archipelago
Description: This is another page on the possibly existing Albanian-operated concentration camps in Kosovo, imprisoning Serbians. It attempts to reconcile the two views: Does it or does it not exist?
Name: Death, Terror in N. Korean Gulag
Description: This is another article devoted to exposing the atrocities of a North Korean forced labor camp (gulag).
Name: General conditions in IDP camps in Gujarat (May 2002)
Description: This informative article compares the conditions in the IDP camps in Gujarat to that of concentration camps.
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