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Name: Aldouri: 'It is for the accusers to prove otherwise'
Description: Iraqi ambassador to the UN spoke to the Security Council on Friday, March 7, 2003. In the transcript of what he said he thanks Germany for opposing the resolution against Iraq proposed by the U.S. He claims that the pending war waged by the U.S. would be one of aggression. He address the fact that China, France, Germany and Russia all agree that there did not need to be a second resolution against Iraq.
Name: Apply Just War Tradition to Your Service as a Leader and the Profession of Arms
Description: This very interesting and unique site is a guide for today' modern solider to apply the concepts of just war to a modern conflict facing the United States. It provides a "Performance Evaluation Guide" which lists in check list form the questions a soldier must consider when deciding if taking action is just. It appears to be used in the training of a soldier to familiarize him or her with the concepts of just war, but it is interesting to view the concept of "just war" through the eyes of the military.
Name: Bellum Justum
Description: Professor Joseph P. White approaches the concept of just war from a philosophical perspective. He compares Jus ad Bellum and Jus in Bello. He lists and explains the traditional components of Jus ad Bellum. He explains and gives his own opinion of how theories of just war apply to the modern conflict in Iraq. He also applies the just war theory to historical conflicts such as The American Civil War and World War II.
Name: Can an Unjust War Lead to a Just Peace?
Description: David A. Steele, poses the question of when to infringe on a state's sovereignty to end a terrible injustice in that state. He answers the question of what a just war is, and applies his own firsthand experience to provide a unique look at this question.
Name: Cases for and against War
Description: Both sides for the war in Iraq are laid out. Those calling it a crime against peace, or a war of aggression are pitted against those calling it a justified war of defense. No concrete answers are given, just the opinions on both sides.
Name: Diplomatic Conference Concludes in Rome with Decision to Establish Permanent International Criminal Court
Description: This site provides a summary of the agreements made in Rome in regards to the ICC. The ICC will include in its jurisdiction the crime of aggression, only once an acceptable definition is adopted.
Name: Ethical Issues in Counterterrorism Warfare
Description: In light of the then recent attacks on the World Trade centers, Dr. Martin Cook approaches the ethical issues in counterterrorism warfare. He outlines his argument in to fundamental moral principles, jus ad bellum considerations, jus in bello considerations, and the moral status of the adversary.
Name: Former Nuremberg War Crimes Prosecutor Declares that Aggressive War is not a National Right but an International Crime
Description: This press release quotes Benjamin B. Ferencz, former prosecutor at Nuremberg and now a representative of the NGO- Pace Pease center. He says that not including crimes of aggression would "grant immunity to those responsible for 'the supreme international crime.'"
Name: International Law Commission
Description: The International Law Commission provides a copy of the draft code of the crimes against the peace and security of Mankind from 1996. Articles 1 through 20 from the UN's draft text of the statute for crimes against peace are listed. Links to commentary and related topics are provided.
Name: Iraq condemns 'US aggression'
Description: Iraqi leaders say the US resolution for increased weapons inspections is a "...pretext...for committing aggression against Iraq." Iraqi newspapers say that the Bush administration operates under a "policy of aggression on others." The site continues to outline the likelihood of a second weapons inspection resolution passing in the Security Council.
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