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Legal Students of Soft Sciences

The mission of Legal Students of Soft Sciences is to provide interested students and faculty with resources for the purpose of developing skills that commonly fit under the professional umbrella of the "soft sciences." This is a burgeoning legal field which has seemingly countless opportunities for activism and professional achievement post-graduation. The objectives are to hold semi-regular talks with and lectures by individuals within the field, including but not limited to politicians, managers, professors, negotiators and lobbyists. These talks can cover any number of topics, most of which will be at the discretion of voting members of the organization. This is in hopes of developing some practical skills and connections for those students how may intend to pursue one of these alternative avenues with their legal careers.

2016-2017 Executive Board
President: Robert Roetzel (rxr441@case.edu)
Vice President: Tyler Portner (tdp32@case.edu)
Treasurer:Zachary Kachevas (zpk6@case.edu)
Secretary: Amanda Orcutt (ajo41@case.edu)

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