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Environmental Law Society

Environmental law is an exciting and ever-changing area of law involving complex national and international issues that affect business and industry, technology, agriculture, public and private interest, governmental policy and of course, everyone of us as individuals that share this delicate planet.

Whether you are interested in practicing environmental law or merely think of yourself as 'green', ELS has plenty to offer. This year we plan to host a number of informational and entertaining events, including a tour of the eco-friendly Great Lakes Brewing Company, an in-depth discussion on the Humane Farms Ballot Issue, a close-up tour of endangered species at the Cleveland Zoo, as well as offering volunteer opportunities like planting trees and park clean-up.


President: Megan Gardner (mlg107@case.edu)
Secretary: Emily Gibbons (ejg64@case.edu)
Treasurer: Timothy Mayer (tjm131@case.edu)

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