As a center of intense intellectual inquiry, the Judge Ben C. Green Law Library aspires to be the most dynamic research and learning legal environment in Northeast Ohio, providing dedicated support to the law school’s commitment to eminence in teaching and research and scholarship that changes lives and deepens understanding. We heartily invite you to come use our intellectual resources in person or remotely to help solve the world's legal problems.


Joe Custer,

Associate Professor of Law & Director,

Judge Ben C. Green Law Library

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The Judge Ben C. Green Law Library supports the curriculum, instructional needs and programs of our law school and strives to provide outstanding service and information access to our students, faculty and staff.

Holdings include more than 410,000 books and volume-equivalents, complete collections of federal and state law, law reviews, current law services, an extensive British and Commonwealth collection, and special collections in taxation, labor law, foreign investments, international law, and environmental law.

The library is also building strong collections in law and medicine, intellectual property and law of the European Union. It is also the only academic law library in the United States that is a depository library for the Government of Canada.

There are computer facilities on every floor of the library, providing access to more than 700 electronic services and library catalogs, and a wide range of software services.

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