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Judicial Independence and Judicial Accountability: Searching for the Right Balance
The Case Western Reserve Law Review Symposium
JAN 27, 2006
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Moot Courtroom (A59)

Recent events, such as selection of Supreme Court justices, the proposed Kelo eminent domain legislation, and the Schiavo congressional intervention statute, have brought issues of judicial independence and judicial accountability to the forefront. The interplay between Congress and the judiciary exposes balance of power issues that dictate where and how crucial decisions are made. This symposium will examine recent congressional action and discuss future solutions to controversies surrounding the federal judiciary.
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Keynote Address
Akhil Reed Amar

Southmayd Professor of Law at Yale Law School

Akhil Reed AmarAkhil Reed Amar has written and lectured extensively on constitutional issues. He is the author of America's Constitution: A Biography and four other books. His articles appear regularly in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times.

Speakers Include
Samuel R. Bagenstos, Washington University School of Law
Susan A. Bandes, DePaul University College of Law
Melvyn R. Durchslag, Case Western Reserve University School of Law
Jonathan L. Entin, Case Western Reserve University School of Law
Charles G. Geyh, Indiana University School of Law
Marci A. Hamilton, Yeshiva University, Cardozo School of Law
Erik M. Jensen, Case Western Reserve University School of Law
Lisa A. Kloppenberg, University of Dayton School of Law
William P. Marshall, University of North Carolina School of Law
Ronald C. Kahn, Oberlin College
Martin H. Redish, Northwestern University School of Law
Robert N. Strassfeld, Case Western Reserve University School of Law
Mark V. Tushnet, Georgetown University Law Center
Additional Information
The Law Review Symposium
Frequently current legal topics deserve closer consideration than one journal article. The Case Western Reserve Law Review presents symposia on such topics to provide a broader and deeper level of discussion and analysis by distinguished legal commentators. The emphasis of the symposium is to further the mission of the Case Western Reserve Law Review: to publish a scholarly journal that is engaging, timely, and influential.

Reception following symposium.

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