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Laura Quatela - President, Eastman Kodak Company
Laura Quatela - President, Eastman Kodak Company
LLaura G. Quatela was elected President of the company on January 1, 2012, and served as Co-Chief Operating Officer for the first half of the year. She currently manages the Consumer Group of businesses and Kodak’s Intellectual Property business. She reports to Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Antonio M. Perez.

In January 2011, Quatela was named General Counsel and elected a Senior Vice President. Quatela was appointed Chief Intellectual Property Officer in January 2008 and retained this role in tandem with her duties leading the company's Legal organization. As Chief Intellectual Property Officer, she was responsible for IP strategy and policy, the Senior IP Strategy Council, and external IP affairs.

Previously, Quatela was Managing Director, Intellectual Property Transactions, and was responsible for directing strategic cross-licensing and royalty-bearing licensing activities for the company, including developing Kodak's digital capture licensing program. In August 2006, the Board of Directors elected Quatela a corporate Vice President.

Quatela joined Kodak in 1999 and held various positions in the Marketing, Antitrust, Trademark & Litigation staff in the company's Legal department. She was promoted to Director of Corporate Commercial Affairs, Vice President Legal and Assistant General Counsel in 2004.

From August 2002 to December 2003, Quatela reported to the CFO as Director, Finance Transformation and Vice President, Finance & Administration. In this position, she led a team charged with planning and executing restructuring of Kodak's finance functions.

Prior to joining Kodak, Quatela worked for Clover Capital Management, Inc., SASIB Railway GRS, and Bausch & Lomb Inc. In private law practice, she was a defense litigator specializing in mass tort cases. Quatela is a graduate of Denison University, B.A., International Politics (1979) and Case Western Reserve University School of Law, J.D. (1982). She is proficient in Mandarin.