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Cox Center Video Established in 1991 through a multi-million dollar endowment from the George Gund Foundation, the Cox Center serves as the hub of the law school’s international law program which includes the Canada-U.S. Law Institute, the Institute for Global Security Law and Policy, and the Henry T. King, Jr. War Crimes Research Office.

Cassandra Burke Robertson was quoted in a March 5, 2014 Bloomberg article, “Chevron Wins Ruling Ecuador Judgment Was Devil’s Deal.” Robertson discussed the difficulties of an appeal in the multibillion-dollar pollution lawsuit involving Chevron Corp.
Cassandra Burke Robertson’s work on transnational legal practice was featured in a front page article in The Economic Times, “Middle Class Americans Reach Out to Lawyers in India via Internet for Legal Aid” in October 2013.
Read the article.
Juscelino F. Colares was quoted in a January 2014 story in Law 360, titled "NAFTA Partners Unlikely to Get U.S. Invite to EU Trade Talks."
Juscelino F. Colares participated in NPR's Sound of Ideas discussion on the "Twenty Years of NAFTA," hosted by journalist Mike MacIntyre on November 22, 2013. Colares appeared with Alan Berube, senior fellow and deputy director at the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program, and Harriet Applegate, executive secretary of the Northshore AFL-CIO.
A group of students in Professor Cassandra Robertson’s PR course (Amanda Soraiz, Guangdong Cheng, Xiang Liu, Yihong Zhang, Yuqing Zhao, Kun Chang) recently won a national writing competition with their comparison of the legal ethics rules in China and the US. Their work will be featured here.
Professor Jim Johnson, former Chief of Prosecutions of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, has been appointed Director of our Henry T. King War Crimes Research Office. With the exception of some “restricted” memos, the more than 325 research memoranda that the office has prepared for the several international criminal tribunals are available here.
On Jan. 15, 2014, Professor Tim Webster, who is Director of our Asian Legal Studies Program, testified before Congress on China's WTO compliance. His testimony can be viewed here.
Professor Juscelino Colares, Associate Director of the Cox Center, was appointed by the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) to serve on the 2013-2014 United States Roster of NAFTA Panelists.
On Jan. 31, 2014, Cleveland’s NPR station aired the broadcast of “Talking Foreign Policy,” the quarterly radio program produced by Case Western Reserve University School of Law. The broadcast which focused on Cyber-war, was headlined by Peter Singer, author of “Cyber-Security and Cyber-War: What Everyone Needs to Know.” The archived broadcast is available here.
Professor Timothy Webster, Assistant Professor of Law and Director of East Asian Legal Studies at Case Western Reserve University School of Law testified before the Congressional-Executive Commission on China. In discussing ongoing Chinese implementation disputes with the World Trade Organization, he summarized China's track record and offered suggestions on how the U.S. may more effectively respond to China's implementation challenges. "China has become an increasingly sophisticated WTO litigant and now more willing to use DSB (Dispute Settlement Body) procedures to minimize the effects of adverse rulings," Webster said during his testimony. "Once decisions have been rendered, China is not necessarily willing to implement those decisions as quickly as we might like."
Acting Dean Michael Scharf's recent talk at the Cleveland City Club about his new book, "Customary International Law in Times of Fundamental Change" was broadcast nationally on C-SPAN2 Book TV on Dec. 21 and 30, 2013. It is available for viewing here.
Michael Scharf, Associate Dean for Global Legal Studies; John Deaver Drinko - Baker and Hostetler Professor of Law, has been leading a group of international war crimes experts in drafting a plan to create a Syrian War Crimes Court to push the issue of accountability for war crimes such as the August 21 use of chemical weapons in Syria. After showing the Associated Press a draft copy of the draft statues, Prof. Scharf told the AP, “We believe it's playing a role in closed-door discussions throughout the U.S. government.”
Michael Scharf, Associate Dean for Global Legal Studies; John Deaver Drinko - Baker and Hostetler Professor of Law, was quoted in an Associated Press story regarding the conviction of former Liberian President Charles Taylor. In discussing the precedent set by the Appeals Judgment in the Charles Taylor war crimes trial, Prof. Scharf said the ruling "righted the ship" after the Yugoslav court had made prosecuting leaders who support rebels much more difficult.
Associate Dean Michael Scharf joined international law experts from around the country for a discussion on Huffpost Live regarding the ongoing situation in Syria. Professor Scharf and other participants analyzed the legality of a potential U.S. attack on Syria and the legitimacy of such an attack.
Associate Dean Michael Scharf was interviewed on PRI's "The World," broadcast nationally on NPR on August 28, 2013, in a segment analyzing the legality of U.S. bombing Syria over use of chemical weapons.
Listen to the broadcast.
Jim Johnson, who served as Chief of Prosecutions at the Special Court for Sierra Leone from 2006-2012, has joined Case Western Reserve's faculty as an adjunct professor. Professor Johnson is also President of the Robert H. Jackson Center in Jamestown, New York. He will be co-teaching the War Crimes Research Lab at Case. Since its launch in 2003, students enrolled in the Lab have produced more than 300 research memos on issues assigned by several international criminal tribunals.
American Society of International Law
Case Western Reserve University School of Law is an ASIL (American Society of International Law) Academic Partner. The Academic Bulletin, "News and Developments in International Law and Legal Education" includes the latest information about the "Case Global" program.
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