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Carla DiBlasio puts her motivation and strong work ethic into action as the healthcare policy advisor for Congressman Tom Price (GA-6)

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Carla DiBlasio never pictured herself working for a Congressman and, instead, thought she'd be in a law firm after
she graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Law in 2012.

It was after some encouragement from Adjunct Professor Matt Dolan, with whom she studied legislation, that  she began to contemplate how policy and statutes are formed within Congress. She said she was grateful for all the practical experience she gained during law school,which also taught her that  success within a legal career is not one-size-fits all.

Now DiBlasio is the healthcare policy advisor for Congressman Tom Price (GA -6), and she's been directly involved in Affordable Care Act issues. In March 2015, for example, Price introduced the Medical Freedom Act legislation that DiBlasio said would allow states to regulate the insurance market and offer affordable health coverage in the wake of King v. Burwell.

"I love my job right now because no two days are alike. I meet with many stakeholders and constituents about
the latest concerns in healthcare policy each day," she said. "My favorite part of my job is using the problem­ solving and analytical skills I gained in law school to help develop policy solutions to address serious concerns facing people across the country."

DiBlasio said Derek Harley, who also graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Law,has been a role model throughout every step of her journey in D.C. DiBlasio started her experience on Capitol Hill working for Rep. Dave Joyce from Ohio's 14th district. Two pieces of advice have carried throughout both her Case Western and D.C. experiences, said DiBlasio: Get to know yourself well enough so you can play upon your strengths and always keep an open mind.

DiBlasio added she was jealous of people who seemed to know exactly what they wanted to do after law school. For Carla, this process was based more on exploration. She did not complete a concentration because she knew she wanted to take a variety of courses. She's confident in her decision today.

“I learned something important about myself every step of the way. I would encourage current law students to refrain from pigeon­ holing oneself into a distinct career path," she said. "If you have any doubt about your
career trajectory, now is the time to explore."

And explore she did, with these experiences under her belt and a zest for learning. DiBlasio started her time in
D.C. not knowing many people and decided that she would introduce herself to Senators and Congressmen alike. After a full day of being in the exciting and fast-paced world of Congress, she knew this was where she belonged.

"The best feeling on the job is working hard to help develop a solution to a problem. Taking a simple idea as a possible solution and then crafting specific policy and legislative text in order to achieve that solution can be challenging, but very rewarding. H.R. 1234, the Medical Freedom Act is a perfect example of that. Working
with your boss to introduce a bill in Congress is very exciting."

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